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Picture Mail???


Picture Mail???

When people send me picture mail it won't save to the phone. does anyone know why? Also isn't there a way to save pics from your email onto your phone for called id pics? I had a saved section the first day I got my phone under the "my photos" section in the fun menu but after the first day it went away and I don't know where my pics are being saved to. Do I need to reset the whole phone or what.. If anyone can help please let me know.. Thank you..


Re: Picture Mail???

might try plugging your phone into the USB interface - then use Windoze to browse the card and see if the files are still there. The photos will be in the sub-folders of the DCIM folder.

On what might be a related note - I had a sub-folder of my Music folder go south on me - I could see it, but could not access it, nor delete it. I used the drive Properties (right click on it in Windoze) then used the Tools to check the drive for errors - it converted the bad folder to one named FOLDER.000 and let me delete it.

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