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Pocket Express Update


Re: Pocket Express Update

@mlblack16 wrote:

Just had the exact same thing happen to me. Now I get ads, unbelievable. Thanks Sprint. I can't wait till my contract expires so I can drop you.

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Message Edited by MikeLee on 05-08-2009 08:18 AM

Ha! Ha!

Good lookin' out MikeLee.

You're good for nothing else but beinga little hall monitor 'round here. Say, if you want to do something meaningful, why don't you spend time getting Sprint to practice some business ethics?


Re: Pocket Express Update

I upgraded to the new version, but the only noticeable difference was the banner ad taking up space at the top of the screen.

I used the link to successfully roll back to version 1.1.5. So far there haven't been any prompts to upgrade.

BTW, I went to the Handmark web site to see if I could get some information about the update, but the Instinct isn't even listed as one of the supported devices. I don't think it's unreasonable to be told what the update will do for me BEFORE I decide whether or not I do it.

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