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Problems with Watching Videos


Problems with Watching Videos

I take a video with my S30, then transfer it onto my computer, and my computer wont play the videos... Any Ideas????


Re: Problems with Watching Videos

Download VLC media player,


Re: Problems with Watching Videos

Well... I got Video now, but now there isn't any sound...

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Problems with Watching Videos

The audio from the Instinct is an unusual format - Quicktime Pro from Apple ($29) will play it back correctly.

You can also look for 3GPP converters on the Net.

And you can upload the video to YouTube with one touch and it will be properly converted and playback on YouTube.

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Re: Problems with Watching Videos

The free version of Quicktime plays the videos from my M800 with sound.  I imagine the S30 uses the same format.  The videos are .mov files which are quicktime movies.

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