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Pros and Cons


Pros and Cons

Hey everyone. I've been lurking this forum for a few days now, seeing how I want to upgrade my vastly outdated first generation Katana that I've been with for 2 years, for this beast of a phone. Now, I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but when I read these forums I was like "dude... are you serious?" From how everyone speaks of the Instinct, it makes me wanna stick with my Katana.

But here is what I want to know. I want to know the pros and cons of this phone before I convince my dad that we should upgrade to the phone tomorrow.

My dad doesn't really use cellphones for anything flashy other than just plain talking, but I wanna use this phone for everything it has to offer, especially for the camcorder, camera and texting features of this phone. From what I have read about the text, it seriously can only hold 50 texts in the inbox? My Katana can hold 200 in the inbox, 30 in it's picture inbox, and about 150 sent. What's up with that? I like saving my texts as well... Also, my Katana has had trouble recieving and sending pictures, no big deal cuz' it only does that like once every two months, and with how much I text and send pictures, that's trivial, but nothing to the extent that you guys make the Instinct out to be. Like it fails to send or recieve 50% of the time.

So what I'm asking for here, is truth. I seriously wanna know what this phone can do well, and what it does terrible. I don't want to convince my dad to sign us up for two more years with Sprint if this phone is that bad, so please can you guys list what makes this phone really grand, and what makes it a paperweight? Cuz' me and my dad are going to upgrade tomorrow. Thanks in advance!!

Sprint customer for 4 years btw.


Re: Pros and Cons

Just my opinion of what the phone does Great

Phone calls, haven't dropped 1 call, clear reception.

Visual Voicemail, dragging unwanted voicemails to the trashcan without having to listen to them is Awesome, no more 1+talk.

Live Search, say the name of a business, and usuallly it finds it no problem, phone numbers and addressincluded with an optional gps navigation to the selected business if you want.

Voice Guided turn by turn gps, gotta see it to appreciate it...

Voice Command, " Call Michael " haha!!!, go to news, weather, or sports, go tosearch, send pic to, send text to. Just tell the phone what you want by pushing the voice command button and talking to the phone.

Email, easy set up for aol, aim,yahoo, hotmail, or gmail...updates in the backround, with a blue star notification of an email or text message. Erase em on your phone, and they erase online too, very useful...even a work email setup incase one is needed.

Also a work calendar for your work email. also reads pdf, and other type files...

TV, bigger is better...great for those times when your not doing anything...

Music, with album art, takes alittle time to set up, but once you do it looks great...

Bluetooth, I use the HT820 and calls, music...sound fantastic...

Music playing in the backround while you play games, text, or surf the web, convient abillity to have...

Web Browser, Full webpages, double-tap to zoom, slide to zoom, your choice of standard mode ( desktop like ) or mobile, usually wordwraps pretty good in mobile mode, double-tap to scroll in mobile mode.

4 web browsers to choose from....yes, 4!!! How awesome is that? Very cool...

Camera, great outdoor pics...

Customizable favorites, 15of your most used apps, games, or pretty much whatever on your favorites screen...

For every pro...there's a con...

the calculator unit converter ( ounces to pounds ) is wrong. Temperature cannot (-) in farenheit

Unless your talking to Sprint, you cannot shut off the screen during a call ( although the newest ones seem to have this ability )

Music Player, has problems reading symbols...

Tv, not the best quality, and audio is different for every station...

Camera, no editing features at, zip, if taking pictures is all you want to do, your good...

Email, doesn't push through as fast and normalas it should, sometimes they show up all at once, sometimes they show up fast...

Web browser ( built-in ), though I haven't found any faults in mobile mode, I have found plenty in standard. Some sites have greyed or blacked out spots, some sites have fuzzy text ( started after this last update ) Out of memory errors while loading webpages, ( started 2 updates ago ) and some sites still make your phone blink twice resetting your phone to the speed-dial page ( resets the phone ). Speed rendering of webpages in standard mode...slow...alittle faster lately. most sites load within a minute, some in 10 seconds.

Although character limit on the browser is over 32,000 characters, all other web browser app ( opera mini, bolt, ucweb ) only have a 200 character limit...

No animated gif support, so if someone sends you a silly pic that moves around and doesn't move on the phone...

Wallpaper, customizable but only viewable 5 seconds at a time, and only when pressing the lock button while your phone is locked.

Things you can do to improve the phone?


there's a buffer increase hack which helps speed up the web browser

Setting your mmg and ip to all zeros in the multimedia folder clears up the tv alot ( the buffer is in the same folder )

volume increase hack, increase pretty much all volumes on the phone...

There's a policy hack which allows for downloading images or musicto your sd card from opera mini or bolt, and also plays sounds on games not Instinct specific, but touchscreen specific...

Nascar, NFL mobile, Pandora, IM...all free apps for the phone...

Recommendations, buy a screen protecter or you'll kick yourself for not doing so ( I use Zagg Invisible Sheild ).

Update everything, then check again to see if there isn't another update available...Try to get the newest Instinct, don't settle for a refurb...they're quick to try and sell you one....Brand New Only...Never Used, and shipped recently...

Hope this helps...and I, myself, enjoy this's come along way for sure...9 months ago was a different story.

Good Luck in your decision...


Re: Pros and Cons

also there is no predictive text so when the under powered phone starts to text sometimes it lags alittle some times alot space bar needs to move over to the right or be bigger everyone that i have talked to hits the ? instead of the space bar, also lots of lock ups freezing of the phone the blue tooth is a joke i have 4 blue tooth head sets one being the motorola rocka for gym it brakes contact all the time, i am on my 9th instinct replacement since the phone came out, if you use the gps its good for short distance and only works when you have service kinda stupid if you ask me its not real gps right. you can move 10 feet to any side and loose signal if you get the tv to work some times it still pixalates some times the sound is off much better then before cant open all web sites. 2 weeks ago i had mine stolen and that one was the only instinct that had no problems then got a new one on this tuesday and it could not sync my contacts after 36 hours and 8 hours with tech support all 300 contacts where erased from sprint server, and that cost me about $1000. in work from losing contact info for jobs i was going to do. so if you wanna just talk like your dad instinct is fine, if you wanna do all that other stuff wait until june palm pre release


Re: Pros and Cons

Pros: Full screen display which is crisp and easy to view and accurate to the touch, excellent call quality. excellent navagation. email integration with support for OWA and Outlook 2003/2007 mail and calendar. visual voice mail. live search. voice search/calling. and one click access to news, weather, sports, and movie listings. Great battery leastfor me. Texting and other imput in portrait, landscape, and write modes. Supports SD cards up to 8gb. Stereo bluetooth support

Cons: catagorie 1(things that could be fixed in another update)....if you plan on keeping the phone in your pocket/purse and using a bluetooth headset, forget it...its unusable. currently, you cant turn off the screen during a call which leads to pressing of different buttons, etc. Web speed is not lightning fast as advertised(not even close), Reliability has not been exactly what it should be. no predictive text....if you like that(I dont) and lets not forget the poor TV quality (much,much better on all other Sprint TV enabled phones). Lack of catagorized contacts...such as friends, family, work, etc.Poorly designed music app.

catagorie 2(things which will not be fixed in any update)....terrible camara with no zoom and no flash although it does take good pics and video in good light. No way to customize the menu screens without 3rd party apps such as KBUi on (which is VERY nice btw). No browser flash(not currently available for any phone). No copy and past. No support for writing or editing office docs.3rd party apps such as those for the i_____ and android OS will never, never come to the Instinct (dont care myself...but many people do)

All in all, my experience is that the Instinct is that it is a great phone with lots of features many phones dont offer. If you want a great toy or a great business tool, then I recommend waiting for the Palm Pre...supposedly coming out in June-July or for the Samsung Dash or the HTC Rhodium....both coming out 4th quarter 2009.

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Re: Pros and Cons

i don't think you'll find any more of an unbias pro/con than goyagon's. he's absolutely correct with everything he wrote. however i'll just state one more time...worst camera phone ever.


Re: Pros and Cons

The Instinct is a good phone. You would never know that by reading the posts on this website though. Partly that is Sprint's fault for initially marketing this phone as an iPhone killer and making several references about how this phone beats the iPhone. UNLIKE THE iPHONE, THE INSTINCT IS NOT A SMARTPHONE. Does this mean that it's not a good phone? No, but if you are expecting it to cook you dinner, make you a cup of coffee, and tuck you in at night then look elsewhere.

So I'm going to remain positive about the phone. Just do a search and you can find 100's of posts regarding the negative things about this phone. People are more motivated to whine about the phone than give Sprint and its development team the credit they deserve. And no, I do not work for Sprint; I have been a customer for the last 8 years, and I am happy with Sprint's network, service, and prices.

Just a side note, I will bepurchasing a Palm Pre the day it is released. I do miss having a smartphone (I had two blackberrys before the Instinct). I'm encouraged to see that Sprint is beefing up its product line this year.

So here is my list of good features forthe Instinct:

1) Turn-by-turn, GPS navigation. It works well. No need to purchase a GPS unit and risk having it stollen from your car. It even works in Pedestrian mode. I've used it several times in NYC.

2) The Pocket Express Apps do their job. You can check the weather and read headline news. I especially like the Movies App. It uses the phone's GPS to locate movie theaters near you and show times. You can even buy tickets on your phone.

3) Live Search it's awesome. Just speak the name of a business that you are looking for, and it finds things quickly using the phone's GPS. I also like the phone's voice command feature.

4) Visual Voicemail I hope that the Palm Pre will have VVM. I can't imagine owning a phone without it. No more calling into your voicemail system anymore. Just choose the message you want to listen to. It's great!

5) Decent Email/Calendar it's not perfect, but it gets the job done. Remember, this is not a smartphone. Am I able to check work and home email/calendars? Yes.

6) Decent Music Player is this phone an iPod? No. Does it play my music with cover art? Yes. It's a fairly simple music player, however I appreciate not having to carry around two different devices just to listen to music. Bonus music plays in the background while you use other apps.

7) Decent Web Bowser it gets the job done. Does it support flash? No. Some websites are better supported than others. If you need another web brosers, download Opera Mini for free. Sprint has also added RSS feed support.

8) Decent Camera for outdoor pictures plus apps toupload and viewyour pictures on Facebook and PhotoBucket

9) Radio this app works. No complaints. Free Pandora app as well.

10) TV I guess if there's any feature that Instinct users have been disappointed with, it would be the TV app. It works about half the time. Personally I don't watch that much TV on my phone, so it's not a deal breaker for me. I guess if you are looking to ditch your cable bill and watch TV exclusively on the Instinct, this would not be the phone for you.


Re: Pros and Cons

Okay everyone, I got the Instinct, and I must say it's pretty *bleep* cool. I'll give my full report on it later. Thanks everyone


Re: Pros and Cons

If you haven't gotten the idea yet, the instinct does about everything a phone can do, which is nice for a device it's size, but a lot of the things have limitations or aren't done particularly well. One thing it does do moderately well that I'm not sure anyone mentioned yet is play video ripped to mp4 format and you can replace the memory card with an 8 or 16 gig version to hold more. And an example of the not-so-well is the pandora streaming audio app which works nicely through the speaker (where you probably don't want it) but is mysteriously unusably quiet over headphones or bluetooth.

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