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Retail Store Experience with my Instinct...


Retail Store Experience with my Instinct...

I am having trouble with the GPS on my phone and had to go to the Sprint Store/Service Center.


The girl at the counter told me three times that they close at 6:00 while I was trying to explain what the issue is with my phone...it was 5:15.

After explaining that my GPS will freeze when getting a route and never finish the download, or go to 101% of the route (what's 101%?) and freeze while downloading and will arbitrarily tell me I'm off course and freeze every few miles, she takes the phone from me, types in a search, looks at me and says my phone is fine, it's working properly. This is the greeting girl mind you, not a tech. The techs are all at the back of the store sitting on the counter chatting with each other doing nothing.

After I insist on a tech diagnosing my phone she says I'm just telling you what they're gonna say. It takes 30-45 minutes to check the GPS and software...we do close at 6:00. I insist any way. 5 minutes later she brings me my phone saying it works fine. How'd they do a 30 minute diagnostic in 5 minutes?

This was a corporate store at Park and Preston in Plano TX if any of you have pull on the inside and really care about customer experience.

BTW, my GPS couldn't guide me home either.

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I am embarrassed by and apologize for the way you were treated.


If you will send me a private message with your name, city, state (verify that you're in Plano, TX) and mobile number and alternate contact method (email or another phone number), I will forward your GPS issue on to the Employees Helping Customers team.


Similar experience althought I reported it to dan@sprint.com and was called back quickly. The store I had issues with called me as well and said, "sorry." That was a good thing. My issue was that the store had NO clue as to any updates for the Instinct regarding calendar, etc...They went so far as to say "they can't imagine anything like a calendar update as the phone simply isn't a PDA type device." I was floored simply because they should know or be aware of their product. In any event..was contacted by Sprint..all is good..and still love my Instinct...just bought my wife one for Christmas.



Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the ignorance on my part, but I'm not sure how to PM on this site. I did however call the *2 number and ask for tech support. They apologized as well, and are supposed to be sending me a different handset. I'll let you know if it arrives. I love my phone and my plan with Sprint. But experiences like that make me wonder how many people just walk away. Apparently 1.3 million this last quarter. I really want people up top at Sprint to hear these things and clean house where needed. That might save a job of someone that really cares.


Thanks for your reply as well. I'll try the email to Dan. If he really cares about customer care he needs to know these things.


Thank you for the update!


If you need send me a private message for any reason, you can click on my username which will open my profile page. You'll see a  "Contact Me" section on the right hand side of the page.  Choose "Send this user a private message".


Please keep us posted.


Well we are now almost a month since my ordeal began at the Sprint store so I thought I'd update you on what has happened.

Where to begin? Firstly, I received my replacement phone from the tech support folks as promised within 2 days. Unfortunately that phone had a pixel out on the screen. So they sent me another phone promptly. We could not get that phone fully activated. I tried to activate online, and by calling in, finally by going to a Sprint store. For some reason the phone would not provision voicemail to me among other things. Also in the phone information section it had someone elses name and it wouldn't go away.

In frustration I emailed dan@sprint.com. That's where the fun really begins. They were very helpful, they approved getting me a NEW phone at no charge since the other 3 had issues. It didn't arrive. When I call into the shipping dept. I'm told that shipment is delayed because I haven't paid the $449 for the phone. After explaining the entire issue to the rep, and her looking into the notes that clearly stated that the phone was to be free she still couldn't send it because the system said that I owed $449 for the phone. This gets escalated to her supervisor and an hour and a half later it is settled that all I have to pay via credit card is a minimum fee of $3.55 required to send out new equipment. I gladly pay to end this and get my phone, which does arrive in 2 days as promised.

The phone activates without a hitch, works great and I'm happy. Until I see my bill. I was charged for this phone twice. I was charged a $200 fee for early termination. Apparently during trouble shooting the phone that wouldn't provision the tech tried to cancel my account then re-enable it. I was charged $19.49 for a handset upgrade fee, $18 for activation of my new account, $73.66 prorated charges for my account upgrade and $12.99 for shipping of my phone. Plus my account shows as beginning on 12-30-08 ending on same date 2010. I was a year into my 2 year plan. They say they can't change the date but have notes in the "special" notes section of my account that will allow me to leave Sprint or whatever on the "real" date. Yeah, I believe that. And after several hours on multiple calls, my bill is now finally correct...I think. I was supposed to get a deposit back at my year anniversary that they say is in there, but it is so confusing now I don't know for sure and honestly don't care any more.

The real moral of this story is that with this experience I can't believe ONLY 1.3 million customers left Sprint this quarter. I'm sick of this, angry and have absolutely no recourse in this matter. I'm sure the contract doesn't have a provision for me to exit without penalty if I'm unhappy with my service. I also know that when the real end date comes for my contract there will be no special notes and I'll have to fight that fight then. Makes me sick...


That is an amazing story. Good to hear you finally got a working phone. I would have lost my cool half way through that experience. Kudos to you for staying calm (it sounds like you did). I really hope that this story makes it up to Dan Hesse or a a different higher up, and you receive some additional benefit. Keep us updated if anything more happens.


Sounds like a typical experience with customer service. They'll get it right if you call enough times and don't give up. But remember a few years ago when Sprint cancelled accounts because people were calling customer service too many times? They were probably each just trying to get one error fixed... Fortunately once they get it right you aren't likely to have to call again for a long time.

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