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S30 Touch Screen Unresponsive


S30 Touch Screen Unresponsive

On Friday (today's Sunday), my Instinct S30 suddenly stopped responding when I would touch any buttons on the bottom of the phone or on the screen.  I thought it was connected to the Sprint Network issues happening in the Milwaukee area, but it suddenly worked fine all day today until this evening.  Now I can take the battery out, restart the phone, etc, and nothing happens.  I can receive calls and texts, but I can't push any of the buttons on the screen to read a text or answer the phone.  I don't think the touchscreen is broken because it worked a few hours ago.  Is this connected to the network issues with Sprint in Milwaukee?  Is it the phone?  Is the the software on the phone?  Although Saturday, it said that it had the most recent update when I tried to update the software.  Is anyone else having this issue?


Like many of you, I've also been having the same issue recur off and on with my replacement Instinct.  It seems to get things back to normal if I take my fingernail and run it along and under the edge of the screen.  Often I can get the screen to start working again.  However, I think I will need to just take it back in for another replacement.  Personally, I think the worst thing is that almost all the new phones coming out at touchscreen.  I wonder if touchscreen phones made by other companies (other than Samsung) have similar issues.  Needless to say, I will always pay for the insurance/replacement, because if I have to get a new phone each year due to this (or sooner) it's too expensive to not have the insurance. 


Glad I checked out this forum. I've had my Instinct for about 2.5 years and this just now happened. The fix worked for me!

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