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It be nice to have Pocket Express on the S30. The weather app is a lot better than the current one available.

Also, My-Cast be great. It is the best weather app for a cellphone.


Re: S30

I just wrote about this. The S30 lacks the applications, but actually connects you through the web. PLEASE BRING BACK THE APPLICATINS SPRINT. Send a quick path, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: S30

The name of this post should be "holy crap" not s30.

i took delivery of my new s30 know, the s30 that they (everyone at sprint) said was "the same phone in a different package-minus the EVDO difference".

The most noticable and I cant believe I am thinking of trading my s30 in for the original model because of its absence is the pocket Express.

A couple of clicks of the button to access weather, sports etc with pocket express???? Who wants to do that? Its too easy! I would rather push a button, turn the phone sideways, wait for itto load, then scroll, then zoom oh, you wantan extended forecast or radar....scroll, zoom, click...load....enter zipcode....load, scroll, zoom.

Hells Bells! by the time I get the info I want, the freaking weather has already changed!

So try to download something comparable? weatherbug isnt supported for the s30 and neither is the weatherchannels mobile download, or half a dozen other services. How can such a new phone have such crap for applications, features....yeah dont get me started on "the same price for no extra battery, case, stylus, etc".

My question, now that I am getting around to it is this: Some one with more computer savy and touch phone experience please weigh in.......what are the odds of Sprint adding the Pocket Express back...or for that matter, giving us access to programs/applications that will compensate for its absence?

I didnt think that one little application would mean so much, but when you consider that not much else has changed (keep your **bleep** NASCAR and NFL buttons), it would almost be worth the switch....hell, at least I would be getting a case, stylus, charger, and battery for the same price!

Your thoughts and opinoins? Whats wishful thinking and what is likely?




Re: S30

I also made the mistake of getting the s30 in place of the original Instinct I had before. (changed jobs, old Instinct stayed with the old company)

Pocket Express was one of the best things on the Instinct.

Also, there was that great Instant Messaging client - now it too, is being handled via a web page. It's crap.

I've never felt so betrayed, and I was one of the early Instinct believers, always optimistic, always impressed with the changes and fixes... but this feels like a slap in the face.

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