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Samsung Instinct HD Ringtones


Samsung Instinct HD Ringtones

How do I add a ringtone to my Samsung Instinct HD?


You want to know how to download and add ringers from content manger(from your phone) or download ringers from 3rd pty site to your phone.

If you want to download and add ringers  from phone  then go to this steps:-

1.Press home icon and touch My Stuff ( ) > Shopping

2. Touch the Sprint home page preview icon from the Opera browser window.

3.Touch (or double-tap) the Categories tab-ringers- and select Downloads

4. Touch My Content Manager from the Categories section of the page.

5.From the My Content Manager page, select Download to re-download your content.

When the Download Complete screen is displayed,the item has been successfully downloaded to

your device.)

If you want to download from 3rd pty site you can try  Sprint dont support the site or any downloads from 3rd pty sites.

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