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Saving/Backing up contacts


Saving/Backing up contacts

I tried to search, but could not find in a discussion about how to back up ALL of your contacts. Like on the sprint mail stuff online it has like a select few contacts on there, how do you back up all your contacts online or is there a better or faster way of doing this? Thanks


Re: Saving/Backing up contacts

Sprint Mobile Sync is included in your plan. Sign on to your online account and on the "Overview" page is a link on the right to "Mobile Sync" Also on your phone Main>Settings>Mobile Sync>Activate

All changes made on the phone are sync'd to the contact list on line and visa versa.


Awesome, I had it setup on my phone, but not all online....

Awesome, I had it setup on my phone, but not all online. Thanks Levi! :smile:

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