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Service credit while things are being worked out???


Service credit while things are being worked out???

First I want to say a couple of things: I like my Instinct, I can be patient, I want to keep the phone and get through all this.

Having said that, I also want what I paid for. I am paying DirecTV $125/month for 250 channels of service. If I don't get all 250, then I am not getting what I paid for. If I talk to DirecTV, they will credit me for channels I am missing (if it is their fault). It doesn't matter if it is 1 of 250, 10 of 250, or 249 of 250. I am paying for 250 and that's what I want.

It is well documented that cell companies spend a lot more money to recruit customers than to retain customers. I think it would make a lot of existing customers happy if, while Sprint worked out the problem with the Instict, they gave everyone with the phone and the Everything Plan a credit on their bill. I pay for everything, but I'm not getting everything. In fact, they are, in a way, double-dipping since they are getting my monthly payment and my bandwidth demands are not what they would be since I can't use many of the services.

They have already built the infrastructure to support the services because other phones take advantage of them. Which is all the more reason to credit those of us that are patient (infrastructure costs already incurred to support this and other phones). Once they resolve the issue, by all means, charge us the full amount. We agreed to a price for services and they agreed to deliver certain services. They have not delivered the services so therefore they shouldn't be receiving the full amount of the monthly payment.

Any suggestions on how to present this in a unified way?


If Sprint actually valued its customers experience with t...

If Sprint actually valued its customers experience with the Instinct, this would happen, but they don't, so it won't. According to all Sprint reps, there's nothing wrong with the phone, and if there is, just perform a power cycle and everything will be right as rain again. Continue to enjoy paying full price for subpar TV, Nav, browser...etc...etc.

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