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Signing out of Yahoo email


Signing out of Yahoo email

I checked my Yahoo email the other day on my Instinct, but when I was done I found there was no way to sign out of my Yahoo account. I have gone back to that site and found that it has kept me logged in to yahoo, and I don't want to be. I tried clearing my cache, cookies, and history, but it still keeps me logged in.

Any help on getting out and staying out of Yahoo until I wish to sign in?

Thank you~

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Re: Signing out of Yahoo email

You can't. The most you can do is set it to "Tell Me I Have Mail>OFF" "Auto Recieve>OFF"

Open Email APP and tap the enveloe/gear icon on the email account Tap "Settings"

The thing is that this is "iffy" sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. You may still get email at times.

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