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Some security flaws


Some security flaws

Have you noticed when you go to messaging then the contact list at the bottom there's a "recent contacts" tab? It would appear there is no way to wipe that out. Regardless of whether you delete your messaging or your call history, its ALWAYS there. Also with deleting your private data on the web browser: clearly the cookies remain. Try deleting it then set your browser to open on "last page" so it'll open on the previous page you closed it on. It still remembered where i was! This is minor trivial stuff, but there's a whole principle thing here. It's almost as though Samsung wanted to give us only the illusion of privacy in the interest of our "convenience"

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There is an option in the settings to go back to the home...

There is an option in the settings to go back to the homepage instead of the last site you were on when you launch the browser. As for the recent list in messaging, that's not really a huge deal unless you have something to hide, it's more like you want to quickly contact someone you had recently sent a message to. As for my opinion of this, YES sprint does need to add a feature to clear them just like messages so that if you do have some reason to get rid of them that you can, but i'm sure things like that will all be updated and fixed in the next few updates hopefully. I feel like the little strange problems like that are not as important as the problems of overall security on the phone in displaying text messages openly with the phone in a locked status, or accepting phone calls when the phone is locked. All of those things need to be fixed before the simple issues like recent contacts.

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