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Sports and Weather


Sports and Weather

When I go and try to update sports scores and weather, my phone hangs and doesn't get the update. I went 2.5 days without being able to update. I can get onto the web and it is fairly quick. I live in an area where my bars are low but have had no problems with phone calls getting disconnected. Anyone else having problems getting sports and weather updates?


I was having the very same issue and I called and Sprint...

I was having the very same issue and I called and Sprint said to turn off the phone and take the battery out. Wait a minute or two and then put the battery back in and turn it on and try it. I did that and it worked for me and I haven't had a problem since.


Re: Sports and Weather

Happens to me all the time. Here is the fix but you must have relatively decent service when you are doing this.

1. Go to Main > Settings > General > Update Data Profile

After you have let the Data Profile update you should be able to update your news and sports. Hope this works for you! Enjoy!

-Instinct Master

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