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Sprint Instinct disappointment


Sprint Instinct disappointment

I've have the Instinct for a little over a year and I have to say I'm really disapointed in Sprint's handeling of it. The phone itself is better than average. But I'm disappointed in the fact that Sprint has seemed to abanded making apps for it. Half the apps available in the Sprint store aren't available for the Instinct. I went to to get some apps since I read that Sprint teamed up with them to provide apps for Sprint customers and 90% of the apps don't work.

If Sprint isn't going to get the iPhone, they need to get a good supply of apps for all the smart phones.


Re: Sprint Instinct disappointment

I agree.  I'm done struggling with the Instinct and Sprint.  Will be leaving next month once I find something else I like. 


Re: Sprint Instinct disappointment

With yesterday's announcement of iPhone 4 and the recent release of the HTC Evo 4G I've been growing more disappointed in my Instinct HD. I got this phone as an upgrade at its release, replacing my original Instinct. The hardware is sound, but Sprint apparently has dropped support of the software on this phone. I still have all the same original problems I've had with the phone since I got it last September. Actually, they did fix the battery power display issue. Big deal. My frustration is the complete lack of concern Sprint is exhibiting by not repairing the issues in the existing software. I don't care if they don't add any new feature applications if they would just make the ones that came on the phone work.

I priced an iPhone 4 yesterday and found that it would be the same price for the same services as the Evo would be. In my instance I don't need unlimited text messaging (I'm not a teenage girl), I don't need 5gb of data usage a month (only used 30mb last month), will never want to pay $10 a month to watch tv on phone, don't find You Tube to be entertaining and only used 8 of my 450 anytime minutes last month. So AT&T allows me to tailor a plan to fit my needs, 200 text messages a month, 200mb of data a month, etc. That brought the total cost of the AT&T service in line with my 450 Everything plan.

For some reason Sprint thinks they can charge an Evo tax of $10 a month. They claim it is for the enhanced data experience and yet in a recent article it was pointed out that Sprint's 4G network will be slower than Verizon and AT&T's 3G networks for the next couple years. So you're asking everyone to pay a tax for a service that is not superior to the competition's. Plus, Apple announced that any existing iPhone customer who is due for upgrade in 2010 can get the upgrade pricing at product release. NICE! My upgrade is not due until September of 2010, but if Sprint would give me the upgrade now, and wave the $10 tax, I'd go get an Evo tomorrow.

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