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Sprint Mobile Email Work


Sprint Mobile Email Work

I finally am on to something...I downloaded the new OperaMini browser for my phone and BINGO, I can now at least access outlook web access for my work. I have tried every possible fix thinking it is my exchange server, my phone settings, I am entering the wrong URL / Name password combination to no avail.

This has to have something to do with the Sprint browser which probably works in conjunction with Sprint Mobile Email Work. Why? Because when I try to use Sprint's web browser on my Instinct phone it will not let me log into OWA. I was getting the "to log into microsoft outlook webaccess you must enable scripts from your web browser" error. Any other log in attempts would generate the same message. I had to disable the java on the instinct in settings just to be able to view the "enable scripts error message".

I originally tried and tried and tried to get the Sprint Mobile Email Work to load up my OWA from work. Nothing I would do would work. It doesnt matter if the server name is owa.domain name.org, https: prefixes, owa.domain name.org/exchange (or owa) etc etc...even the user names i have tried allpossible combinations using username@domain name.org, domain/user name etc... The only thing that actually does hit is the actual IP address of my owa exchange server or the exchange server itself but then I get the "server name you specified does not match the server name in your company's security certificate" then I hit "yes" and then I get the old faithful error message "unable to establish a connection...... error (s7127).

It has so far done absolutely no good to go through Sprint technical support. The service center could not fix it, the sprint support online couldn't fix it, and Tier 3 tech support from Sprint suggested I contact the manufacturer. You call Samsung then they tell you it has to do with 3rd party applications and then you call back Sprint and they say well " It's a Microsoft problem"....I am not sure whats up but this has to be a Sprint problem because the browser on the phone does not look like Microsoft to me. Maybe they use Microsoftsoftware, but it isan extremely watered down version to work with theirSprint Servers and their Sprint Mobile Work Email.

Now I am trying to figure out what is different about the Opera Mini Browser that allows me to connect to my OWA with no problems yet the browser on the phone and the Sprint Mobile Email Work all hang up. Any ideas? I would like to see an update to fix this but I am not sure how to get that accomplished?



I have the same issue as you do on my phone. I'm using Exchange 2003 SP2, and OWA works fine. I, too, have tried multiple combinations of URLs to try and make this work, and I get the exact same error as you (S7127) each time. It is extremely annoying, and I know that nothing is wrong with Exchange, OWA, or ActiveSync. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you figure this one out. Thanks again!

Rick Redfern


I have been dealing with this issue for a few weeks. My issues didn't begin immediately, but shortly after I upgraded to MR-6. I appreciate your explaining how you are dealing with it. Although it's not as convenient as the email client for OWA was, it is a viable option. I was trying to forward my work email to my Gmail account which my phone will fetch, but it wasn't working. Anyway, thanks for your help, and I definitely think you are on to something regarding the Instinct native browser. Let's hope that when MR-6 or MR-7 is finally rereleased/released there is a fix. On the other hand, I'm a bit reluctant to download another update. I jumped to download MR-6 as soon as I could, and I feel like I've been bitten.


Basically where I am at right now is this...Sprint pushed out the Everything Data Package. Part of that bundle is software which was installed on your Instint 1 phone has the capability to connect with your OWA. However, I have been told by both Sprint Live chat and the manager at the Sprint Service Center that the old Instinct is not compatible with corporate email. The main reason why I bought the phone was to get Work Email. There is nothing wrong with my Work Email. Everyone who has a new phone such as Palm, Blackberry, and Iphone can auto synch with our Exchange server no problem.

Originally there was a link on Sprint's website that indicated that our Instinct 1 phone was not compatible with Sprint Work Email. I saved the link. But when you go to the link now, it indicates that Instinct is compatible. I am still hearing from Live Chat and the Service Center that it is not compatible and what we would need is the new Instinct 2 phone. The Service Center said that since I haven't returned the phone in the first 30 days there is nothing they can do, even though I originally reported the problem on the Live Chat in that 30 day period.

To make a long story short, in my opinion, Sprint found an easy was to get rid of their old stock of Instinct 1 phones. Now I am stuck with the problem and have to wait 2 years before I can synch with my corporate email. Taking this one step further, if you install the Opera Browser on your phone, you should be able to connect to your OWA, but who wants to have to do that? It takes several minutes having to log in each time you want to access your email, instead of being able to pull it up on the go, as we were misled to believe our phones could do that, when in reality, only the Instinct 2 can do it.


Rumor Touch purchased November 2010 (free at bestbuy online with upgrade/renewal):

After much research and setup issues, there are 2 important items to know if you use "Sprint Mobile Email Work":

1.  You have to have to add the $30 Pro Pack (or have an "Everything Data Plan") if you want to connect to your OWA Microsoft Exchange server.  If you only have the $15 data pack, if will not work and you will only be able to access web based accounts (Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).

2.  The phone will not send/receive/notify/push email to the phone properly if you do not Exit the "@ Email" application properly.  You Have to exit the application from the home tab.  That's the tab at the top that looks like a home, to the left of the email tab at the top.  A soft "Exit" button will appear at the bottom.  Do Not use the back arrow, or the main home hard button on the phone as this will permanently stop the email connection.

3.  If you do these 2 things I have found "Sprint Mobile Email Work" package to be significantly better than blackberrys or smartphones.

4.  Also, you will want to run Opera Mini as a web browser.  Goto m.opera.com using the Sprint Web applicaiton, when it only finds Opera mini 4.2, select "other options" and then select "Opera mini 5.x".  I've found this to be a more realistic browsing experience.  You can switch from mobile view to normal view in the preferences.  Be sure to change image quality setting from low to high.  Great experience with the large 3" touchscreen.

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