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Streaming Radio help


Streaming Radio help

I'm trying to stream 1460 the fan out of Columbus, OH. If anyone knows how to stream from any website, it would be much appreciated. I don't like Orb and used to be able to go to mobile stream center, 1460thefan and a few other websites but the instinct doesnt load the files or gets an error. Please help if you can.

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Re: Streaming Radio help

From that website?  No clue.  All javascript, flash-player based.  Their help file says you need a high powered windows-only computer to play the sprots programming.


HOWEVER, the phone natively supports RTSP streaming, and it works well.  For instance, if your favorite radio station has a URL like:




then you can simply open the web browser and enter that URL in the address bar.  It will open Sprint TV and begin playing the audio (and video if present).  


BTW, that's some nice groove at that URL - 'Groove Salad from Soma FM'.  Definitely going to have to remember that one. 

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