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T.V. Timeout???


Re: T.V. Timeout???


This is straight from2 Sprint employees (seperate occasions, 1 friend who works at a store)'s a way to control the bandwith. Your unlimited data plan will soon have unlimited interruptions......Thanks Sprint...For Everything...

Petition wait...I'm not a huge poster here... I'll let one of you pros who seem to matter start this one


Re: T.V. Timeout???

@flairmedk wrote:

Swapped out of the iPod to the instinct for a day at the gym. Could figure out exactly what was happening. So thats the issue. Kept losing the radio channel. I noticed it would be on the channel listing page when I would looked at it afterwards. I thought maybe I was accidently bumping the back arrow or the phone was losing signal. Geeesshhh, how are you suppose to work out and hit buttons every two minutes or so? SPRINT! FIX THIS NOW! Guess I'll go back to the iPod.....

Try the Pandora app if it is loud enough in your headphones. It's really a bad idea for carriers to be in the content business anyway.

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