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Text Msg via BT


Text Msg via BT

Does Instinct support Text messaging via Bluetooth?? If not Can Sprint add this capability.

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Re: Text Msg via BT

sorry, not possible with Instinct


Re: Text Msg via BT

From what I can tell, the Instinct did not originally support this.  The M810 and M800 could now or at some point in the future, but if so will  come from 3rd party developers not Sprint (developers reportedly have now been given access to the core Java APIs).

Hope this helps!

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Developers will have open access to the following Java APIs when creating applications on Instinct s30:

Bluetooth: establishing connectivity to send/receive data with peripherals

Excerpt from Kevin Packingham, Sprint senior vice president of product and technology development:  “The enhancements on Instinct s30 make it even more versatile for our customers, and access to core Java APIs, such as messaging and multimedia, will make it even easier for more developers to create new applications.”

Sprint plans to extend access to these Java APIs to the Instinct s30’s predecessor, Instinct, within the next few months through an over-the-air software update [complete with MR-7 for Instinct M800]. The Java APIs will then be available on all future Java-enabled Sprint phones.


Re: Text Msg via BT

What support are you hoping for?

As far as I can tell, you can press your bluetooth button to pull up voice command, and after the lady sais " say a command " you can say " send text to " whomever is on your contact list, then you can type your message and send it.  That's it as far as the support goes.

Speech to text would be nice since we have voice recognition already, but that would take Real effort from someone really interested in putting the time in to do this for us, but it would be a great feature to have though.

Edited: started ranting again, sorry...

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