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Things that would make the Instinct better...


Re: Things that would make the Instinct better...

Ability to lock down different areas such as pictures, video, etc without locking the whole phone down.

ability to view the memory card folders

ability to use mp3's from memory card as ringers

fix the 500 file limit(once pictures goes over 500 in the "saved" folder, you can't see them and get an error. Have to get on the computer to move files out of folder. Think this is an issue on the music side as well. Why have 8gb capacity if number of files is limited to 500?

Battery drain is way too quick, learn something from blackberry

GPS lags behind which causes you to miss turns. Also can't view coordinates of location or speed.

Have to jump through hoops to get contacts synched, should be easier.

Ability to erase/remove email account without having to reset all of them and start over again!

Ability to group contacts and then assign ringtones to the group for messages, voicemail, calls, etc.

Allow the phone to work as a phone when plugged into usb

Work out voicemail bugs. Doesn't pick up sometimes. Takes to long for alerts to be delivered for new voicemails.

Speaker phone is crap!

Low whistle on other end while using phone normally

And all of those mentioned already, no need to beat the dead horse.


this is not an iphone killer it is an iphone competitor.i...

this is not an iphone killer it is an iphone is not designed to compete they are giving you an option besides the iphone.

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