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Too many files


Too many files

Hi I am new to the Instinct as I have has an HTC Mogul for over a year. I put all of my pictures I had on my Mogul on my Instinct only to have an error message come up when I try to view them. Under "My Photos" There are two items, "Camera" and "Saved" under "Saved" it says "Too man files" when I click on it it says the same thing. Why can't I view my photos this way?


Re: Too many files

Try sorting your pictures into multiple folders. I don't know if there is a maximum number of images that can be in a folder, but the more pictures that are in a folder, the longer it takes to open the folder to view the pictures.

There are two default folders where the pictures are stored on your memory card, CAMERA and SAVED. Just make some more folders along with these and sort your pictures into them. I've got at least a dozen folders on my card which range from 10 images in some to one that holds 220 images.

The folder that holds over 200 images takes a long time load up, so I should probably move some of the pics to their own folders as well.

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