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Top Instinct Disappointments


Top Instinct Disappointments

I have an Instinct S30.  For the most part, I am happy with the phone for my basic use.

What is fraustrating is that it will freeze up when I try to hang up.

I notice the time continues to add up, but with my phone plan it doesn't effect my montly bill.

The only way I have found to unfreeze is to remove the battery.

That in itself is also fraustrating as I have a plastic/hard cover and it's not that easy to pry off.

I find myself either a) hanging up fast to beat the other caller, or b) waiting for the other caller to hang up first.

It's a small inconvenience overall, but an annoying inconvenience none the less.

I have been with Sprint for years and I am happy with their service.  It's really not their fault, they don't make the phone, they just partner up with Samsung.

When I tried to register the phone with Samsung, I just couldn't.  I tried over and over again until I just quit trying.

Sprint, please talk to Samsung about this problem and see if you can help us fix it.

This is my 2nd phone. I got a replacement in hopes that it was the phone and not a hardware/software issue.  But this phone does it too.

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