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UPDATED: Frozen Favorites - S30


UPDATED: Frozen Favorites - S30

I did a search here and can't find anything quite like my problem. I have two favorites "stuck" on my favorites menu. Clicking on the red trash can to delete either one freezes the screen, then the screen turns black, comes on, the buttons at the bottom light up (screen still frozen), it flashes black again and re-boots the phone to "entering sprint service area" and goes to speed dial. I've gone to Settings->reset->delete contents->delete favorites and get the same sequence of screen freezes/re-boot. I then reset the whole phone and those two favorites are still there. They're pretty innocent links - one from my web favorites to Ravelry (a knitting forum) and the other to Brain Challenge in my games/apps. Other favorite links I can delete without problems. I've had the phone less than a week (we bought three of these) and mine is the only one that is experiencing this problem.

UPDATE: I called Tech Support and they thought it was a software glitch and said take it back. At the local Sprint store, three very helpful employees tried to fix the problem without any luck. They seemed surprised that the hard reset they did still left those favorites in place. Anyway, they gave me a new phone and those same links work the way they should on it. I'm updating in case someone elseruns intothis problem. I wasted an entire day searching for a solution but I sure learned a lot about this phone in the process. And the helpful guys at the store gave me my MLS should I have any probs with this one. A very good Sprint experience all the way around.

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Re: UPDATED: Frozen Favorites - S30

Did you get another Instict S30 or something else?

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