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Unable to calibrate my Instinct s30


Unable to calibrate my Instinct s30

Has anyone else had trouble with the touch screen on the Instinct s30 phones?  I am unable to use the top left corner of the screen, it's a dead zone...any ideas how to fix it?  I am also unable to calibrate the phone since the first step in the calibration is to press the plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen.


Re: Unable to calibrate my Instinct s30

If removing the battery, waiting a couple minutes, then replacing the battery and powering up the phone doesn't fix it, best you take it to a Sprint store to be checked over. I had a similar experience with my s30 that got progressively worse, despite calibration, to the point where I had to reactivate my old Instinct while the s30 was being repaired. For what it's worth, the problem appeared to be temperature-related, because for a while I was able to alleviate the problem by chilling the phone in the air from the A/C. (A combination of hot summer weather and a poor signal area, causing the radio to put out every milliwatt it could get its little hands on added up to a hot phone almost all day. I strongly suspect that as an underlying cause.)

A true dead spot on the screen that won't go away could very well mean that the LCD needs to be replaced, though, and you'll only find that out by taking it in for a check-up.

Hope that helps!

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