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Visual Voicemail Does NOT work


Visual Voicemail Does NOT work

Ok, Call yourself and leave a message. You will not receive a Voicemail on your phone. 😞

The last one I got was July 19th.

So I am not sure its the update.

As most of you, I've seen these posts that this is not working, but since I was receiving these before, I never paid attention (I know).

Now thought I'd try it...

Can someone also test this, even if you think it works!

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Re: Visual Voicemail Does NOT work

Sorry, mine is working fine. I haven't had any issues with V-VMail working. A couple of times it took a few minutes longer than it would have previously to notify me that I had a voicemail, but i figured that is just because it is downloading the voicemail to the phone rather than just calling and listening to it.

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