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Voice Notification Bluetooth


Voice Notification Bluetooth

So I discovered that if I don't have Voice Notification ON in my Ringers settings that my Bluetooth no longer tells me who's calling. When I had my Upstage - which I hated and am happy to be rid of, my Bluetooth would tell me the name or number of the caller. Now it only tells me that information IF the Voice Notification is ON... the problem that I have with that is that I noticed when that feature is on and I'm not using the Bluetooth, the Voice tells me the name of the person and then finally plays the ringer. The ringer is loud enough for me to hear but the Voice isn't. So by the time the ringer rings I have to grab it fast or it's already sent to voicemail. I want the Voice on my Bluetooth but not on the phone itself. Can I do that? I just assumed the Bluetooth always talked since it did that from day 1 on my Upstage without any setting adjustments. Anybody know a fix?

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