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Voice dialing wont activate if app pops up


Voice dialing wont activate if app pops up

Am I the only one that finds it very frustrating that the voice dialing feature on the phone wont activate unless the phone is in one of the home screens (Favs, Main, Fun, Web, Speed Dial, Contacts, History or Dialer)? I usually keep my phone in my pocket, and if I go to utilize the voice dialing with my bluetooth headset and the phone doesnt happen to have locked in one of those screens, the voice dialing app just does nothing at all or displays 'Unable to voice dial at this time'.

While one might say, "Well, just leave the phone in a home screen before locking it" would fix the problem, what usually ends up happening is an unacknowledged text message or missed call will come in while the phone is locked, which ends up putting the 'While you were out' app on top, which prevents voice dialing until you clear that screen finding out you have to reach in your pocket to clear a screen on the phone while you are driving can get a bit annoying, not to mention that it negates the safety benefits of using the feature while driving.

When I called Sprint, they just told me that using the 'action' button on a bluetooth headset is not supported on the phone. (Huh?) the problem happens whether you use the action button on a bluetooth headset, or the button on the Samsung supplied wired headset, or using the phone's voice dial button on the right of the phone so I'm not sure they understood what I was talking about.



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