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Volume Control Question


Volume Control Question

While i will first give kudos for how loud the phone will go compared to the original when playing Music, videos, etc.  I would like to know if there is any way to make it where the lowest volume setting could actually be lower.  When on the lowest possible setting it is still quite loud.  I dont see why it has to be one way or the other, its like we either have a speaker that wont go loud enough on the original to one that gets quite loud but there really isnt a low setting on the HD.  I can hear the phone playing halfway down the hallway in my office building on the lowest setting which doesnt go over very well with my co-workers!!    I know the logical answer is to use the headphones but i would much rather not have to plug in everytime i sit at my desk and restart whatever music im listening to. This isnt a major concern but think it would be quite an easy fix.

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