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We can still get them to help our Instinct HD i feel the pain too!


We can still get them to help our Instinct HD i feel the pain too!

I asked and a bunch of us kept asking for apps, and one guy even kept calling pandora, and what did we get apps!!. We kept asking and we got apps, sprint joined up with getjar, officially not just somthing we were using, and thats when i realized i really dont need apps lol, but better to have than not to have. But i feel the pain too, im just like the guy who almost through the phone out the car while driving, and than it not working when you want it too. Someone on here once said its like were just beta testers, except in actuality we are worse because beta testers get thier problems fixed. And i paid 300$ when it first came out, not the sweet deals everyone else got. The phone would be great if it just worked! no one has anything on the camera especially when you load the pics on to the computer. But at times i use the phone and simply doesnt work, and i wonder how sprint can actually sell a product like this, that almost doesnt work? i cant even reffer this phone to a friend cause im scared they would get mad at me. The internet is no where close to the 3g speeds, and wifi is even, worse. I could rant and rave about all the problems but i think we all know them and all the fustrations to go with them. But what really was the final straw the salt in the wound, was the new update!! we had 17 pages of some of the best ideas, ideas with deep thought that would take this phone to a new level, and we get some dumb fix that brought the old battery problem back!! after 17 pages of ideas? I cant believe a company would just brush us off like that. Anyways enough blabbering and on to the point, we obviously have to group together again, and start bugging sprint obviously this forum isnt helping, except it help us communicate with each other which is great cause i solved and learned new things through the forum, but we gotta start emailing sprint together and keep bothering cause these problems are too big to just discuss. We just have to team up and email and call and just make complaints just simple things that could lead to a good fix


Re: We can still get them to help our Instinct HD i feel the pain too!

Contacted Samsung to report our issues, and the only thing they seemed concerned about was Sprint TV making the phone hot

To quote " your phone should never get hot " .  Again, it's only happens while streaming Sprint TV, not while streaming sideloaded movies via hdmi out.

They didn't respond to any of the other, I don't know what's going on there...but they want me to contact them by phone.

I'm sure they think something may be wrong with my phone, but since my wife's phone responds the same way, they're not likely to solve this issue.

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