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Web Browser Upgrade Problem


Web Browser Upgrade Problem

I did call customer service this eve concerning this problem but I thought I would put it on here to see if anyone else was having an issue. The cs rep on the phone also had the same problem once I showed him what to look at.

This past weekend I did a web browser upgrade (v1.2) to my Instinct phone. Previously, I did not have any problems access websites. With the new browser, some graphics are distorted (at any magnification) and cannot be read. One example would be from the National Weather Service website for mobile weather - specifically the radar graphics.

I used to be able to see them clearly and magnify them but now they are completely distorted.

Anyone else having this problem

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Re: Web Browser Upgrade Problem - grey blocks

Yahoo - mail section blacked out ( but not 100% of the time, it seems )???

instinct-samsung - blurry text

THIS SITE - can't edit messages

please add any sites with similar issues

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Re: Web Browser Upgrade Problem

I use Bolt. I stoped using the phone's web browser in a while.

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