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Where's WILL. Thanks.......


Re: Where's WILL. Thanks.......

<blockquote><hr>EleniFlo wrote:<br><p>I am very excited for all the new updates/changes coming on.</p><p>I love my phone with all it's issues..... it's nice to know that sprint is working on making this an even better phone.</p><p>I am in no way compaining, these are issues that just annoy me!</p><p></p><p>My only complaints/concerns on this phone are:</p><p>-my nextel blackberryhad great reception, my instinct has horrible reception</p><p>-weak calendar functionality (i am complaining about not being ableto sync to outlook! )</p><p>-not many options with the camera, not being able to zoom...</p><p>-POP email still not working</p><p>-some websites not working</p><p>-phone needs to be rebooted often, as different modules crap out. (often happens during navigation)</p><p>-not being able to get phone calls while streaming video with out having to go into debug menu</p><p></p><hr></blockquote><p></p><p>Yeah you're complaining 😛 Odd thing for me is I have better reception on the Instinct than my previous phone (razr v3m). About outlook I know it's a big deal obviously but it's getting a little old because it was never announced to have this ability. Also sprint will not be adding this feature into the phone or at least they don't have any "plans" to add it. I bet there will be a 3rd party app made to do this though. POP email works fine for me. Browser is getting an update early August which should fix the website problems. I've never had to reboot the phone for any reason. Streaming video isn't the only thing which basically turns off the phone it also happens when the web browser is running this is probably the biggest problem I have with the Instinct.</p>


Re: Where's WILL. Thanks.......

Hey Will,

Can you address the fact that the Canadian version of the Instinct is shown having Youtube and Facebook applications as well as IM? Are there plans in the future updates to include these on the US versions of our Instincts? I sure hope so.

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