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Why does sprint marketing SUCK SOOOOO BAD!!!!


Why does sprint marketing SUCK SOOOOO BAD!!!!

By requiring an Simply Everything Plan or a talk/message/data plan sprint is losing soooo much money! there are thousands of people that want the phone that cant afford the new plans sprint open your eyes... you're wondering why in the past few quarters you have lost millions of customers...stuff like this is why! let regular people get the phone will their regular plans with say power vision..and i personally don't care but if you want to go ahead and bump up the price for people who want it without the SEP be my guest


wow dude...all im saying is that it should not be required... they are screwing people with familys over and their going to lose mucho mucho mula!


It depends on how your looks at it. I know parents who didnt even want to pay $15 for unlimited text for their son/daughter, would lock them from using the web/downloads/premium content, and check their minutes of use 50 times a day to make sure they are not going nuts on their share plan. Now, imagine being able to let em go crazy for a fixed price for service that would have been well over $400 in the old ala carte style way of doing business. Now they can do all that and more for basically under $200.

I get what you are saying, you buy the instinct and you are going to pay more per month. IHowever you are pointing to Sprint like they are the worst offender of this movement. When what everyone is trying to tell youis compare the iPhone deal to the Instinct deal.

3G iPhone - $199 for new Customers

$59.99 for voice - 900 minutes, $30 for data, and $20 for messaging = $109.99 (for 1 user) and if you consider the extras (+TV = $15, GPS =$9.99, Contact Back up = $1.99, enhanced voicemail = $1.99) = 138.96 TOTAL (note Night and Weekends for ATT start at 9pm. For $8.99 they can start at 7pm.)

Instinct- $129 for new customers

$89.99 for voice - 900 minutes, data/messaging included, as well as TV, GPS, email, pictures/video messaging. No extra fees. All included in the 1 price. (note that Night and Weekends for Sprint start at 7pm. For $10 more, they can start at 6pm, that is 3600 more minutes per 30 day month for that extra 2 hours per day!)

Also, when I went online and picked up the Sprint Instinct into my shopping cart, the $36 ctivation fee is waived. On the ATT plans it still says $36 activation fee applys. So add that to your first month's bill with ATT

I think that is what everyone is trying to illustrate.:)

Instinct vs iPhone - 1st month out of pocket = Sprint = 218.99 and ATT = 337.96+36=373.96, recurring monthly difference is 48.97 more on ATT for the same services you get "included with Sprint." First month out of pocket difference is 154.97! Annualized that is 693.64 more per 12 months for ATT than Sprint. Lets not even go there if you bought an iPhone 3G for your whole family compared to what it would cost to arm your family with Instincts. <grin> It is at least a possibility with Sprint Instinct. Costly yes, but still in the ball park of a family of power users.

Also, ATT does not state if that $30 data plan is a share plan or for each line. So consider that very heavily! lol <shuttering>

So yes, you may have to pay more to upgrade to the Instinct; however the point is the Instinct is not just another pretty phone. It has alot of features that other companies would and will nickle and dime you to death. As someone said, Sprint has simplified their plan structure to make things easier for customers to do business with Sprint. They can use any phone for whatever they want for a single price point which is a farbetter price than ever before in the history of wireless.

Come on, once the frusteration wares off, you know you want one. <grin> I hope another response does not upset you; however I did want to do some research myself and see what the two websites tell me respectively, put some numbers up on the board, and make sure people dont read your post and come to the same conclusion without reading all the facts. 🙂

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