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Your Apps are Coming!


Re: Your Apps are Coming!

Looking good so far. Glad to see more developers for this phone.


Re: Your Apps are Coming!

@FannyPackInstinct wrote:

I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not talking about something similar to user suggestions and downloads. I'm talking about a different distribution model all together. This includes gettings web services in place to process information for instincts in real time. So I'm not just talking about making apps, or just community involvement. I'm talking about elevating the types of apps that third party developers are able to create by making web services available to them, and all of it in a model that is generates enough revenue to be sustainable while not having to charge users for applications that should be free. If you get the general idea of what I'm talking about and think you're interested then I'd be happy to talk to you about integrating it into instinct-software however it would require a large overhall of the way that site works, so it wouldn't be nearly the same site it is now.

Third party developers benefit, the users benefit, and eventually it would be a sustainable project. It would create the ability for developers on the instinct to make apps that would normally require a lot of money to consider developing, and I think it would be a really sustainable model in the long term, but would require some investment in the short term.

Message Edited by FannyPackInstinct on 05-14-2009 05:38 PM

I would be very interested in understanding how you plan on making money without charging for apps. Are you planning making money by advertising? I like the idea of a free application download location personally. However I am not sure how you plan to make it stable with no income from the apps.


Re: Your Apps are Coming!

I would be surprised if anyone seriously plans to make income developing for this piece of that the Palm Pre is out, MR-6 is a sad joke, etc.

In my book, the real question of questions is whether Sprint will take Instinct and its OS to the next level later this year, if and when they release Instinct 2 (aka "Dash"). Because if they do, we will know that there is some kind of future for the line.

The Instinct was a short term strategy in 2008 to keep Sprint subscribers from jumping ship to AT&T and the iPhone. It worked on me anyway

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