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Youtube, and HD videos on the Instinct HD


Youtube, and HD videos on the Instinct HD

So, here it is, youtube videos tend to do a lot of ghosting while watching videos in regular ( normal ) stream.

Video playback seems to have improved a little since buying this phone, but somethings still not right...

Turning on wifi or not, and streaming HD quality videos looks extremely better, at least that's my experience.

My problem is the videos tend to FREEZE while playing in HD quality with my wifi on or off.

Looks extremely better, and I think it looks better with the wifi on, but the freezing of the video playback causes one to miss most of the video ( I mean freezes for up to 20 sec.) and the video ( somehow ) continued to play, I just missed it due to the freezing ( audio and video ).

I own two of these phones so it's pretty much confirmed, and for those not familiar with this phone, it's not an app, it's a link to the mobile

version of youtube that opens Sprint TV to playback videos, and it doesn't appear to be a signal problem.

My questions are, is this a problem with Sprint TV?, maybe a Sprint TV & wifi incompatibility issue??, and can this be fixed???

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