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hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct


hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

Ok i have a palm centro and quickly i got tired of the *bleep* thing and i want to upgrade however I am just seeking comments about the well talked about samsung instincts.Any comments good or bad will be greatly appreciated,If you have to tell me just stick with my centro just say so. thanks look forward to hearing from you guys.

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Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

I went from a Centro to an Instinct (finally got one - took some director-level fiddling) and found that it does everything the Centro did for basic communication.  Voice - better.  Text - better.  PicMail - better.  Moblogging / twitter - better.  Address book - better. Maps - better.  Games - better. 


The Instinct does not have all the Palm OS functionality as a PDA.  If you use the Centro as a full featured PDA with various apps, data management, calendaring, Exchange calendaring, etc etc it won't work as well as you're used to.


For a very high end media / entertainment / communcation phone, it is outstanding.


Get one, play with it for a couple weeks.   I think you'll like it.



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Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

HI well i hope we can help

I love my instinct but what do you want to use the phone for.

I do a lot of texting , LOVE the gps and tv , visual voice mail is great also..and its small...

But what do you like and want to do :-)


Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

This issue has been talked about more than Michael Phelps' quest for gold medals in Beijing, the economy, or the upcoming election. Read the various threads here & on other sites like Sprint Users There's a ton of info out there on the strengths & weaknesses of the Instinct. Strong opinions both for & against, and quite a few 'tweeners.

I'm trying to be unbiased up to this point. But I'll say that I've have my Instinct since 6/27, have had very few bugs, and think this is the best handset I've ever owned, and would not trade it even-up for any other phone that's currently available in the US market.

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I have had my instinct for about 3 weeks and I love it as...

I have had my instinct for about 3 weeks and I love it as well. The best things about it thus far are the Sprint TV, texting, email section, video camcorder and the GPS. There are so many choices in the GPS section, like the gas by price option and sooo many other things. Oh and we cant forget the 'speach to action' part of the phone. You just push the side button on the phone and say a command, i.e. search for wal mart or send text to mom or call sarah. You barely have to touch your phone to do anything because of this speach to action feature. But i agree with the first person, what is it you use your phone for the most and from there we can tell you what you want to know about the instinct better. I hope this helped thus far.


Finally, a nice educated, thoughtful ,concise ,unbiased t...

Finally, a nice educated, thoughtful ,concise ,unbiased thread!!!! I went from a Treo 700p to the Instinct. I love the Instinct for what it is ..... a sleek, stylish, cutting edge, first version phone with some cool features. The 'speech to action' is great!!! It is definitely not a PDA as Will and RL stated but that's OK. There is a need for some new enhancements/fixes but I realize that this is the first version and quite frankly this is a good phone!!!!


I went from a Treo 755 to the instinct. I am enjoying my...

I went from a Treo 755 to the instinct. I am enjoying my Instinct overall. I get good call quality and I love the GPS system. The GPS was the main selling point for me just because I was a big Mapquest user and now I no longer have to worry about printing out directions and having ink to print them out. Getting my email on the go is cool. There are some user non-friendly things such: -Having to scroll through a long list of names in the contacts (speech to action is helpful but somtimes it just can't get the name right and you can't type in the first initial of the name you are looking for to make it easier) -if you are in one particular section of the phone menu tree, sometimes when you press the "back" button, you don't go to the previous section of the tree branches, instread, you are returned to the beginning of the menu. -phone is automtacially turned off while transferring files from Sprint manager to Phone. -Internet is not so great. -The calendar is not very useful compared to my Treo 755 so I still carry my Treo 755 with me. -etc. these are not huge issues with me at the moment but I feel really like I have "Swiss army phone" and it's like I have a lot of resources through this phone. Overall, good phone for the price.


I love my Instinct. I went from a Sanyo M1 to the Instinc...

I love my Instinct. I went from a Sanyo M1 to the Instinct and was a little bit hesitant about changing from Sanyo to Samsung because I had no previous experience with Samsung. So far, other than wishing the calendar functions were more Palm-like, I am extremely happy with the phone. Texting is a breeze and speech to action is great. Visual voicemail is very useful too, since you can pick the order in which you want to hear your voicemails.


Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

I came from a palm treo 700p whichI loved for texting and email capabilities, extended my contract to get this, had to wait, saw all the "downsides" in the forums, had to wait some more but then the blessed day came when my Instinct arrived. I have been happy ever since.

I love the texting though I do miss some of my characters (& by name 1 character vs. 3) GPS is fun (never had it before) and smart- took me around a construction zone yesterday. I had a hard time getting my contacts to synch but once I bluetoothed them from my treo, I was fine.

I do miss my calendar synchs and hate that I can't use my google calendar (via the browser) but I trust that issues like these will be resolved with application updates as time goes on. I'm still on my college timeframe- you are ready for Monday on Sunday so if I check my calendar from home Monday morning, I know where to go though I do have to put in new appointments manually...biding my time.

I sat next to someone in-town Atlanta at lunch yesterday who had an Instinct as well. I asked him what he thinks, he said he loves it. His girlfriend got it for him. I told her it's the best gift she could have gotten him!

I know a lot of people are looking for more from their phone, but for calling, web, GPS, and text, all I'm expecting from my phone, I'm THRILLED! If you want more, then maybe it won't be the phone for you.

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If you are not in a rush, I would recommend to wait a cou...

If you are not in a rush, I would recommend to wait a couple months that most of the bugs are worked out by Sprint/Samsung with updates. This should give you a smooth experience without any frustration. Also more choice of touch screen phones should be available this fall if I am correct. So wait and see...


Do not buy this phone...If you do, keep an eye on the 30...

Do not buy this phone...If you do, keep an eye on the 30 Day Return policy.


Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

I love my Instinct. Sure sometimes there are little glitches with it, but that's the case for any new phone really. They aren't showstoppers. The phone for the most part works really well, the user interface is laid out good, there are great features on it such as the GPS and the Live Search is awesome. I love being able to talk into it and find the things I am looking for near me. The browser isn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Could it be better? Heck yeah. Does it crash sometimes? Yeah, but then again so does IE or Firefox on a computer. It's not an issue. Then again, I am more realistic then some people and don't expect a desktop experience on a mobile phone.

I only have a few real complaints with it so far. 1) the position of the camera button. I hit it by mistake all the time which tends to get annoying and 2) battery life isn't so great. This could be alleveated somewhat if the screen would turn off during certain phone calls for instance. 3) Also when viewing pictures the UI seems a little hesitant at reading your finger swipes and moving on to the next picture. Then at some points it will seemingly stop reading them at all and then it recovers and works again after 30-60 seconds. But none of those things are going to be dealbreakers for me. The good outweighs the bad for me by a wide margin.

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