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hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct


Re: hey all.I am interested in getting an instinct

Hi - I bought the Instinct recently for my son and received it Friday 8/15/08. He placed the media manager cd in his three-month old Acer laptop and the laptop completely crashed. It was working beautifully before he attempted to install the files from the media manager. I called Sprint and a representative told me to take the laptop to the place we bought it and, if they determined that the Sprint software was to blame, to call them back to make arrangements (I assumed to help me pay for repairs). I took the laptop to Circuit City on Monday and they said there were portions ofWindows operating files that were completely missing and that it was likely that this was caused by the Sprint software that we had attempted to install because the laptop was working prior to that and they had seen this happen before with other "air cards" when people attempted to install on a Vista system. (The Sprint CD said it was compatible with Vista.) I called Sprint back and, of course, there's "nothing they can do" (so they say) and they blamed it on the Windows version I had (again the computer is three months old and frequently updated as we are online everyday). Anyway, be careful and don't rely on Sprint to help you out if problems occur. I'm not done trying to make them accountable for faulty software and I anticipate a long battle with Sprint, based on prior experience.

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