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instinct over heating


instinct over heating

who has a problem with instinct hd overheating or just being a bad phone


Re: instinct over heating

Exactly what are you doing with the phone when it overheats?

I'm asking because this phone has a Manufactures warranty.  Samsung has shown interest in any overheating problems, though mine seems to be limited to streaming Sprint tv, so there's no need for me to send my phone to Samsung for something Sprint can correct if it is a concern to them.

Sprint tends to want to replace phones, which isn't a bad thing if it fixes a glitch, but sometimes replacing a phone only creates unwanted stress if the same issue arises.

Not sure how Samsung would deal with it, but they make the phone, and might have something up their sleeves, you never know.

But yeah, if your phone is getting hot, email or call Samsung.  They'll probably want you to send the phone to them so they can confirm the issue.

Couldn't hurt...

Good luck


Re: instinct over heating

Hey I got that this morning over heating.  I was surprise that my phone fuction no more such as the touch screen, but all my other buttons do work and it turn on, but my touch screen won't fuction at all. By any chance do you know why? or any one?

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