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instinct upgrades(and problems)


instinct upgrades(and problems)

Instead of having to download the maps on the fly and burning valuable battery power with 3g, why not give us the option to put the maps on the memory card? my garmin does this and it has only 750 meg and memory to spare!!!!!


Also since i am in the mood to complain a little, on call history why can't the time of call be listed, rather then going thru 3 buttons presses to find out the time the call was missed!!!


I also have issues with the music player. It says a file is corrupt or won,t play and asks to remove the file and keep playing. it does neither. it NEVER deletes the bad file!!!!


how come some apps(opera mini) work well in regular screen mode but when switched to landscape mode(tv included) scrolls like a snail!!! the default browser works well in landscape mode?


TV app. everyone knows the problems with that.


gps stops downloading maps after 15 seconds. hit traffic update, nothing then cancel. hit again then ...presto works for another 15 seconds.


text messaging is ok but sometimes the heptic feedback delays and the typing does not show up quickly, making me think i didn't type something then POOF it all display and then works fine....  


this phone is great, but plagued with issues. reminds me of my xbox 360. i think this phone was pushed out to early in development. the o.s. should be fluid like the i phone.


My friend has an lg dare, which i thought was a lesser phone, but he has not needed one update nor had any issues with his phone, while i am constantly having issues and always waiting for the next BIG update to fix the things that should have been fixed since day 1. 

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Re: instinct upgrades(and problems)

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the board. Yep, the phone's not perfect; nor is the iPhone or any other phone. We're here to help each other figure things out, not whine about every little thing you don't like. There's enough of them on here already.


i think theres enough "wanna be moderators" on...

i think theres enough "wanna be moderators" on here already also trying to keep topics to "their level" of "complaints or issues". newbies can and should be able to talk or "gripe" about what ever they want big or small with out other users belittling them or their complaints/issues not everyone has the time to browse this very slow loading forum for hours to find every topic or issue that has been posted.


Re: i think theres enough "wanna be moderators" on...

couldn't agree more. Most people are new to forums, and voice a complaint....umm, hoping for answers, and on this site in is usually aimed at the people who represent the company who's phone we happen to own...

jumping on someone isn't a constructive way to address the issue...searching can be worthless when you get pages of no answers...

Answering newbie's questions, or addressing the complaint can actually help.

Lot's of people on this forum have Many complaints...the list is endless. Mine is TV...always has been.

on other forums, I help, and help alot. Granted I'm guilty of hating...but it's usually against anyone just plain bashing the phone.

Some of you know me as psycho0272, some know me as goygacon...Hi

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