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once again sprint dev team sucks


Re: once again sprint dev team sucks

Or maybe you are one of the developers too afraid to show your real identity, and you are also bitter nobody is impressed with the new "zoom" on the slow rendering, non text-wrapping, clunky browser?


A Little Perspective May Help This Discussion


A little bit of perspective might help you understand where some are coming from. I myself did not understand this right away, but thisforum is a place wherepeople can voice their thoughts and frustrations with as little or as much passion asthey wish.As long as you don't get vulgar you are okay. Many of those expressing thoughts on this board were very excited when they boughtthe Instinctlast June because of the hype and it's promising future. Thus, whenthe bugs did notget fixed in upgrade after upgrade, it became frustrating.

I don't know if you just purchased yours or not or why you are new. If you are easy to please that is great. Having said that, with all due respect, your type of personality will not impassion the Instinct development team to do anything but move on to the next phone an forget the Instinct. Those who passionately communicate their feelings and hopes for this phone that we indeed enjoy using will hopefully spur the development team into action.

Thus, it's not whining, but impassioned comments from people who indeed love this phone and want the dev team to help it to reach its full potential.

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