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problems setting email for optimum online


problems setting email for optimum online

I can't seem to set up email for my optimum online account. Nothing I try works. I figured it was just like setting up a pop email account through my email client on my desktop, but alas, that doesn't seem to work. If there is anyone out there who has an optonline and figured out how to get it to work please let me know.

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I was unable to setup thru the instinct wizard but was ab...

I was unable to setup thru the instinct wizard but was able to use these setup via optonline's website. Then I added yhe link to my faves...... hope this helps... Now get Optimum Online E-mail Anywhere! New from Optimum Online! Now you can access your Optimum Online e-mail from your mobile phone and from web-enabled PDAs. What do I need? If you have an Optimum Online e-mail address and a Web-enabled mobile phone or PDA, all you need is a wireless subscription plan that allows Web access, and you can access your Optimum Online e-mail via your wireless/mobile phone provider. Again, in order to access your Optimum Online e-mail you will need: An Optimum Online e-mail account (e.g. or A Web-enabled phone A subscription to your wireless/mobile phone provider's Web service with a Web plan that lets you enter Web addresses. Tell me how! If you meet the three conditions described above, these are the steps you need to take to access your Optimum Online e-mail. Simply: Open your phone's web browser. If you do not know how to open your phone's web browser, please refer to your wireless phone user manual or contact your wireless phone provider for help. Enter on your phone. Look for the "Go To/Enter URL" option on your phone. Note that URL entry options vary depending on mobile device. Login to your Optimum Online e-mail using your Optimum Online e-mail user ID and password. (Your user ID is the first part of your Optimum Online e-mail address. If your address is or, your user ID would be johndoe.) Remember that your e-mail user ID and password are case sensitive. Toggling between upper and lower case characters varies depending on mobile

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