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setting up Knology (pop3) email


setting up Knology (pop3) email

Just go the Instinct and can't figure out how to set up my email. My provider is Knology.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Journeyman MDG

Re: setting up Knology (pop3) email

If you have already tried the normal steps outlined in the manual for adding PoP3 email accounts you can try the following. (Some email providers don't provide for mobile phone email access, these steps work for most of those accounts)



Some 3rd party Internet Service Providers block Sprint Mobile Email’s access to their outgoing server, some examples include the following: Cox, TWC, Comcast, Bright House; BellSouth and Juno. (There are many more 3rd Party ISP’s not listed here that also could potentially block outgoing traffic for SME on POP or IMAP).

The following lists the directions for setting up your Outgoing Mail server on Sprint’s SMTP Gateway server that will allow the mail to go through normally. These steps can be used for IMAP or POP users who are having problems with outgoing e-mail.

Step 1 - In the Mail setup section of Sprint Mobile Email on the device, All incoming information will stay the same for POP and IMAP.
Step 2 - Continue to use your ISP provided information for the incoming server, user id, password and SSL settings.
Step 3 - When provisioning a new account use this information when setting up the outgoing server

  • Outgoing Server Information
  • .
  • Outgoing SMTP Server:
  • .
  • SMTP Authentication: disabled
  • .
  • SSL: disabled
Step 4 – Save the settings and click register.

(The production POP/IMAP server is for PCS Mail


Re: setting up Knology (pop3) email

It worked!!

Thank you very much.


Re: setting up Knology (pop3) email

I have a 1-day old Samsung Rant, which obviously is not an Instinct, but is from the same manufacturerhas the Sprint Mobile Mail capabilities and the same problems as the other posters in this forum.

I am having huge Mobile Mail configuration issues. I have Cox Communications POP3 email and had it up and running on my old Rumor (a piece of junk in which the internal earpiece stopped workign after 2.5 months) just fine using COX's POP settings and the Sprint PCS smtp without any sort of authentication. Could both send AND receive. I just typed in in the Outgoing SMTP menu and was on my way. Same exact steps for configuring the ones that MDG offered in this thread, followed to the T.

Now on the Rant, using the exact same settings nothing different than what I had on the Rumor, I can receive mail from Cox, but I am completely unable to reply to messages received or send new messages. It asks me for a password (never had this happen on the Rumor), then accepts my Cox password and then doesn't send the message. It leaves it in the outbox.

1 hour of online chat with Level 2 support revealed that supposedly my Rumor wasn't supposed to be able to send like that and I probably should just find myself a new email provider (nevermind the fact I have 6 years on this email account...)

I tried to use SMTP Authenticate check box, but all the interface did was have me check the box but did not provide fields for me to enter my Sprint username/password.

I'm hoping it's all part of this network thing that suppposedly happening with Provisioning and that it resolves itself, as I can't see why the same exact settings in Sprint Mobile mail on the Rumor worked yesterday a.m. but don't work as of last night on the Rant. Now...on a side note, my Rant was not able to connect to PowerVision at all when I left the store. I spent time on the phone with Tech Support last night, too. I'm hearing rumors it is a network issue with provisioning.

Could this be the reason why I am unable to access the SMTP server on this new phone?

I'd love to get this up and running or if I can't, I need to return it for a different phone (I have been toying with the Palm Centro)...but by the sounds of it, the Smartphone/PDAs are having the same issues as the plainer phones.

The Level 2 support tech, BTW, suggested I just start using Yahoo or Gmail as my primary mail instead of the POP3 account I've had for 6 years. That was his solution. Not acceptable.

Help! Please...thanks!


Re: setting up Knology (pop3) email

If you check the box to use authentication on sprints outgoing mail server it will fail when trying to send. Make sure auth is unchecked. Also, private message me the email address that you are trying to send with.

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