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texting changes


texting changes

any one know if sprint can or is changing the text software so that the auto correct stays on all the time when you tap it and if they are moving the space bar over to the right by one tile becuase u have to have a long thumb to hit the space hahaha, i did get the update and its ok i did hear from opera that they are making a opera mini and mobile for the instinct.


Re: texting changes

the update fixed that.Update your phone and try it out. i love it.


What about the options that show up when auto correct com...

What about the options that show up when auto correct comes up, it only gives you 4 options and no way to get more options. And if you type in a misspelled word, sometime it comes up as one of the 4 options during auto correct, there should be a way to get more options for words under auto correct.

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