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turn the instinct hd into an android phone


turn the instinct hd into an android phone

Why? cause in its current state its not worth it.


Re: turn the instinct hd into an android phone

They did ( Right SarahKS?  )

Up until they changed the name at the last " Moment " the M900 was rumored to have been named the Instinct Q, with a duel virtual and slider qwerty keyboard.

The first Android Instinct...

Not sure what happened to make them disassociate from the Instinct line ( other than bad press ).

Honestly I've played with this phone for the last 48 hours and besides the web browser being faster than the Instinct HD ( which should be null once Opera Mobile 10 is released ) Is the many apps available in the Android does have 3 home screens and for the most part it is smoother due to the better processor. The youtube video is playable on the community's homepage, it opens the built-in youtube app....but the videos on youtube look as dull as the HD's youtube don't know....with this powerful processor, they could have done better...the Pre plays youtube videos like no other phone I've used...

I'm pretty glad I didn't buy the Moment, it has it's own problems...I'll deal with the HD's until whomever decides to address the issues.

Android has priority status it would seem, but we should get our fixes soon enough to make this experience more enjoyable...but the "Moment" is your Android Instinct...I like the current Instinct menu layout myself...but it couldn't hurt to have more app availability with the android market....they have a boatload

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