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well I am done


well I am done

My Phone lock up, on me for the last time. Call sprint all they offer me, was doing a new two year contract. No I cancel the insurances on the phone, so I have none, and dont regret it. So I had them suspend my acct for now. Until I find a good bargin on a phone, close to nothing. Call samsung since the phone is under the one year warranty. They are trying to charge me $70 bucks. to fix the screen, or the mechanism, under the screen. They can keep the phone. so for now I think I will go with that metro pcs. Not the best services, but at least no contract. Until I can get a phone. and go back to sprint to finished out my contract. Plus I still would like to keep my number, had it for so long. But I am done as of now, Thanks for all the help, you s gave on this board. and the question, was the greatest. Wish you all luck.

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