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when will they come out with another update?!? this phone needs major updating!!!


when will they come out with another update?!? this phone needs major updating!!!


@Coasterbuf wrote:

there is no perfect phone, especially with touchscreen phones which are ALL in their infancy. Five and ten years from now we will have some amazing products. Right now, we're in the stone age folks

Well said...

I hope that consumers will drive these advances by continuing to demand more from Sprint, Samsung, Apple, AT&T and any other party that wants to get on the dance floor.

Keep complaining. Make them work for it.


@Punkerstkb wrote:

This phone IS a first generation phone of it's kind from SAMSUNG. The iPhone wasn't built or software developed by Samsung, and therefore this is an entirely different phone with a whole new set of construction / developing rules from any of the other competitor's software or hardware. There is no predecessor in Sprint like this phone that is worthy of comparison, as this is truly the first phone of this type ever on the Sprint Network. Sure there are crackberrys and touch phones out there, but NONE of them use the very software that is on this phone or the same network that we now have on the Rev. A network with 3G. I believe that Sprint / Samsung are doing everything that they should do with regards to this phone, and I also believe that it is only a matter of time until all the whiners become lovers of the phone once the customization is there and the bugs are all worked out with the browser and such. This phone was developed to be a multimedia phone yes, but can you honestly expect everything to be perfect out of the box? not really no. If you felt this way then when you buy a new car you're telling me that it shouldn't have a single defect ever in the whole production line and the fact that they have to improve upon it and make upgrades is inexcusable? No. This phone is a very exceptional phone IMO and I think that once the updates have happened in August and things are all worked out with the browser that everyone is so pissed off about, we'll have a much more calm group of posters on these threads.

I get so sick of coming in here every day and seeing more and more complaints about the browser and how few bookmarks it accepts and etc. If you guys really hate this phone that much then do yourselves a favor and just return it for something you like better. Coming in here and complaining about how it works and demanding updates now or you're returning it isn't going to get any of us anywhere. Spring / Samsung are working on it and they will have the phone fixed and working beautifully in a short while and everyone can just be happy.

I hope that i'm not the only one that feels this way, but if you need to come into a forum designed to help others and discuss the problems calmly and ruin the atmosphere by being whiners and complain all the time then you likely won't ever be happy with the phone anyways. I would like to see more positive posts to the developers and to each other so that we can resolve the problems with Sprint, rather than cause more complaints every day and never get anything resolved.

Sorry for the rant... thanks for listening.

I had to laugh when I read your post. If this phone came out, and no one raised a complaint about it, do you think any issues would be addressed on it?

The fact that there are people here who are vocal about their disappointments in the Instinct's shortcomings is not indicative of a population disgruntled users. The fact that there is as many as there are should tell you something. Yes, there are people out there who "can't ever be happy." But they are not the ones talking about this phone's misses. They simply want a phone with a working browser. Or the advertised Java compatibility. I mean, there's "kinks" and then there's "serious flaws." This phone is replete with serious flaws.

And, for all intents and purposes, this phone is second gen. The market has already had a touch-exclusive device on it for the past year, with plenty of its own dissention and frustrations. That is gold for any developer. Looking at the iPhone's early adopters, an unapologetic crowd that is very vocal, any developer of the Instinct should've been singing Hallelujah at the level of feedback that the first touch-exclusive phone received. Yes it's Samsung's first phone, but we're not talking about a class of 4th graders developing a phone. These are professionals in their field, and they're not even capable of researching a product's market before they develop and release it? That's inexcusable.

I stand by my point that this phone had a lot of missed potential upon its release. Is it a bad phone? I don't think so, but I do think it missed the mark, and I think its developers are severely out of touch with the base of users that are trying to make it the best phone it can be.

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