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Android 2.2 Update for Samsung Intercept...


Android 2.2 Update for Samsung Intercept...

Hey Everybody!

I would really appreciate if someone could make a list of all the features that are supposed to come with the update for the Samsung Intercept. I know there is information floating around about what the Android 2.2 is supposed to do for a phone. in general, but do all these bells and whistles apply to the Intercept as well? For example I was on the phone last night with tech support, and I asked them "Now that I have the update, shouldn't my Intecept allow me to save apps to the SD card, therefore freeing up the internal memory of the phone?" The Rep's answer was no. The customer service agent also could not confirm if I should have Flash on the phone, which is another feature of the Android 2.2 update.

I can't speak for everyone, but I would have liked if Sprint would have been a lot more upfront about what changes users can expect after the update. The information on page Sprint uses to list the phones, doesn't even mention it (the Intercept is still listed as having Android 2.1).

So if anyone knows what Samsung Intercept users should look for on their phones after the update, it would really help me in deciding if this is a phone worth keeping.



Greetings, Calikae -

I guess the official reps have too many phones to deal with to know about each one. Just went thru the upgrade myself last week, so it's still fresh in my mind.

Here's how to move your apps to your SD card (not all of them can move; about 1/2 of mine were able; the option will be grayed out if it is not available for a given app):

Go to:

Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. Click on an individual application and you will see a "Move to SD card" button on the app's screen. If it's not grayed out, just punch it, wait a few seconds, and you're done. You'll notice that the option's wording has now changed to allow you to move it back if you choose. Pretty simple, eh?

Flash: forget about it. The processor on this phone, I'm told, just can't handle it. I'm disappointed too, but it is what it is...

Another hint: you didn't fuss about losing the Memos app and now having to download one from the Market. Nevertheless, got a good free one for you, called simply"Notepad," that will back up your Notes to your SD card.

And If you're already a smart user and have all your contacts as Google contacts so they sync and are backed up, you can also back up your text messages to your Google account with this free app: "SMS Backup". When you log in the first time, tt creates a folder called SMS in your Gmail folders list, and will automatically continue to back up your messages (you can turn this off if it makes you nervous). I don't generate anything so delicate that I worry about it being 'in the cloud', and am relieved that if I brick or lose my phone I don't have to start from scratch.

Yet another hint: use one of the new additional home screens for Direct Dial and Direct Message shortcuts for the folks you call & text ALL the time (got this hint from another forum member). I like it better than Speed Dial.

Bottom line? Keep your Intercept. It IS an entry level Android device, but a pretty good one. And I like that the slide-out keyboard has a dedicated number row; some of the high-end phones don't!

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