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Customer Experience with Samsung Intercept and Sprint


Customer Experience with Samsung Intercept and Sprint

Please Share!

I'm starting this discussion (June 24 2011) to invite other Intercept Sprint subscribers to comment on their experiences with the Sprint-branded Samsung Intercept, and with Sprint itself.  Germane comments on other Samsung phones are also invited.

I won't bias the discussion by putting my own entry first, but will wait until others have posted.  There are features and bugs of the phone itself that I'm interested in validating by comparing others' experience with my own.  So please feel free to comment on any aspect of the phone -- design, features, operation, dependability, applications, "bloatware," whatever.

If you've had reason while owning/using this phone to use Sprint Customer Service in the past 18 months or so, either online, over the phone, or in person, you're more than welcome to give your own account of your CS experience as well as of the phone itself.  In context of my 13 years with Sprint, it seems pretty clear to me that within the past couple years, as Sprint's market situation has grown increasingly imperiled, customer service has rapidly become ugly -- shifting from a formerly customer-centric bias toward circling the wagons and eliminating virtually all flexibility in customer relations.  (I'm willing to comment on CS because I will be very surprised if many folks write to take exception to my observation.)

Out on the web there are many "reviews" of the Intercept.  I wanted to provide Sprint with an in-house means of reviewing customer input.

My Intercept is currently running Android 2.2; I sync everything I can via Google, and my cell phone use is low to moderate -- and almost completely limited to conversations within the U.S.


Customer Experience with Samsung Intercept and Sprint

Please DO NOT reply to my post above.  Rather, redirect your comment under Sprint's "intercept_problems" tag.  Thank you.

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