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Email Problems


Email Problems

Is anyone else having this problem.  When I send an email to somebody. Instead of sending the email I just wrote the phone picks a random email from my inbox and sends that instead. I have never seen anything like this and have no clue of why it is doing it. It has happened on more than one occasion. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution?


Hello sbsmith013,

I apologize that you have been experiencing these issues. Please let me know if this issue has been resolved, or if the problem is still being experienced. I would be happy to assist you!



I have this exact same issue and would love to get it figured out.  It is embarrassing when someone emails you back and asks why you sent them a forward of some email that has nothing to do with them or the business you have with that individual!



Are you using the default email application for the Intercept?  If so I would say clear data on that email application (home/menu/settings/applications/manage applications/email or mail/clear data) - this will remove any email accounts set up in there and you can set them up again with the email address and password- then try sending a few test emails.  That should only take a few minutes.

If you are afraid to remove the email accounts, take a second and write down the settings so you can type them back in when you set them up again.

This is a lot easier than hard resetting your whole phone.  It's worth a try since it shouldn't take very long.

If all else fails, you can download the most recommended app for email called K-9 from the Android market.  It has many additional features that you may appreciate since you use email for your business.

I hope this helps

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