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Error 67 - Samsung Intercept


Error 67 - Samsung Intercept

Hi -

I've had the same Samsung Intercept for about 2 years now - and never had a problem until I moved back home for a while.

on 19-Aug-2012 I began receiving the error 67 message.

I have tried the turn off wi-fi, turn off phone, take out battery, wait 15 minutes, then update profile; about 20 times now, i know i'm persistant. 

It is not working for me and still getting the error after each attempt and every combination of the above just for sh!ts n giggles.

the phone was bought and used in the 78759/78660 zip codes until this last week when i moved to 15824. The phone has always worked here in the past over the course of 5 visits back north.

also on the unlimited data plan if that helps.  I'm stuck.

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