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Mad that the Intercept doesn't have blinking LEDs?


Mad that the Intercept doesn't have blinking LEDs?

I have an easy fix for anyone who can't live without instant notifications for SMS, e-mail or missed calls:

You should grab the "noLED" app from the android market.

If you use AppBrain, you can use this link:

If you have a barcode scanner installed on your device, just point it at this QR code:

It runs in the background (can also be setup as a widget to turn it on/off quickly) & after setting it up it will make your screen flash upon notification & then it will run a "screensaver" showing whichever icon you choose for the different notification types.

It was designed for Galaxy S devices, but I haven't had any issues getting it to work for me. I've been running it for over a week now without any issues so I would suggest that if your the type of person that wishes your smartphone would tell you that you've missed some sort of correspondence instead of waiting for you to figure it out, TRY IT OUT!

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