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Music - Transfer to device


Music - Transfer to device

Hello All,

The tutorial mentions "HTC Sync on your device". OK, I bite, where do I find a HTC command on my SAMSUNG Intercept?

I looked through out the settings command folder without any luck.

Anyone have any luck otherwise to find how to "drag / drop" music files without having to resort to removing the memory card to put files onto it?

Many thanks ahead of time.



Re: Music - Transfer to device

HTC sync is for HTC phones, not Samsung phones.


Re: Music - Transfer to device

I just started using this phone.  When I connect to my pc it comes up as a removable drive but it will not let me open it in Windows Explorer.  I had to take out the memory card and transfer files that way as well.  I don't know why they mention HTC Sync in the manual for a Samsung phone???  Wish I could help.

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